About Bending Haven Network
     Bending Haven is a network that is all based around bending. It includes the main server, a factions server, an arenas server, and some bending bedwars. The main server is a survival world that you can do anything in, even start your own little town with towny. And of course, don't forget the shop. The shop is a place that lets you sell items in return for money. If you don't like the price the server shop offers you can go and rent a space to create your own shop, and sell your own materials. Bending Haven is the true haven for benders. Oh and one more thing, NO WEAPONS only BENDING.
Network Updates

Building Competition

by Korra2, 249 days ago

On June 30th there will be a building competition! Third place will get $10k, second place will get $100k, and first place will get $500k with permissions to use /feed! All contestants will be able to use creative mode and world edit. The first build will be a small hut (or something similar) to see how well you can build small objects, yet make them attractive to the eye. The second build will be more oriented around terraforming, where you can make a garden (which can include hills, rivers, trees, benches, etc.). The third build will be a bigger building, something like a house or a temple. For the first build you will get 30 minutes, the second will be 30-60 minutes, and the third will be 1-2 hours (if all the contestants finish early and are okay with ending, the times can be reduced). If you would like to compete let us know in the competitions discord channel.

Judges: Korra2 & Shilxh

Thank you,


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Bending Haven Role Play

by Korra2, 326 days ago

Hello everyone,

        Currently, the staff and I are putting together a roleplay server. In this server, you will be born with a certain element and an affinity for certain sub-elements (this all happens at random). If you choose you can change your element for money, but if you do that you must buy the sub-elements separately, which will cost more than changing elements. Once your element is set, you can pick a place to warp to in order to start gaining new moves. Choose carefully though, you can only warp once, and if you pick a nation that does not match your element a staff member will have to teleport you to your nation. I said earlier that you would be gaining new moves, and that is exactly what will happen for every move. You will start with only one move, then as you interact with NPCs and complete tasks you will gain more moves. You will do this until you have mastered your element. Once you mastered your element you will be able to use the warp and tpa command. The rest of the story is still being written out. If you have any suggestions or something you want to see leave a comment in the discord server under role-play suggestions or reply to the forum. It is important to note that you can pay money to change your element anytime in your adventure, but when you do change your element you are reset and your adventure starts over. I hope everyone enjoys this new addition to the network. Benders Unite!

Discord Role Play Suggestions


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Voting Rewards

by Korra2, 428 days ago

Hello fellow benders,

        By next Wednesday there will be a new voting system implemented into the network. When you vote you will get money, an item, and a perk key. You can collect the perk keys and then use them in the Perks and Ranks Shop.

        The shop will have many different bending perks, bending items, bending cosmetics, and ranks. All of these will be bought with the perk keys, but the ranks can be bought with perk keys and in game money.

        I hope you start earning some really great perks.

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