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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:09 pm    Post subject: Building Competition

On June 30th there will be a building competition! Third place will get $10k, second place will get $100k, and first place will get $500k with permissions to use /feed! All contestants will be able to use creative mode and world edit. The first build will be a small hut (or something similar) to see how well you can build small objects, yet make them attractive to the eye. The second build will be more oriented around terraforming, where you can make a garden (which can include hills, rivers, trees, benches, etc.). The third build will be a bigger building, something like a house or a temple. For the first build you will get 30 minutes, the second will be 30-60 minutes, and the third will be 1-2 hours (if all the contestants finish early and are okay with ending, the times can be reduced). If you would like to compete let us know in the competitions discord channel.

Judges: Korra2 & Shilxh

Thank you,


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